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Q: How do I setup the IM Mailer?

A: Easy! The IM Mailer comes with an easy installation system. You start by uploading the files to any directory on your website. Next you access the directory via the web & follow the steps listed on the easy installation system.
Q: How do users opt into my lists?

A: When you login to your IM Mailer program, you will see an option to generate an opt-in form. Once you have created your form code, simply copy/paste the code onto your website and users will be able to join your list!
Q: Can I make the pages of the program look like my site?

A: Yes! You will see an option with every project/list you have created to edit the header and footer of the pages that your users will see.
Q: Can the program send personalized messages with my users information?

A: Yes! With every out going e-mail, you can place a code anywhere in the subject or body of the text like below:
%firstname% = First Name
Q: Can I send personalized information in the auto response message as well?

A: Yes! It works the same as for the out going mass/individual e-mails
Q: Does the program support double opt in confirmation?

A: Yes!

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